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Hello There.

Welcome to Opposite. We are a highly skilled web design, user interface, and user experience design studio. We specialise in helping businesses and organisations create strong, cohesive brands that connect with their target audience. We work closely with a team of hand picked designers and developers to assure our clients needs are met. We aspire to create user-friendly interfaces and intuitive user experiences that drive engagement and conversion.

If you would like to setup a consultation to discuss your next project, pop us an email to learn more about how we can help elevate your brand and improve your online presence.

Why work with us?

Well, we have over 17 years of experience in the design industry and have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest household brand names, as well as tech start-ups. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from international businesses to local startups.

One of our core values is client relations, and we firmly believe that when we enter into a project, it’s a partnership. We walk the journey hand in hand with our clients, ensuring that their vision is brought to life. We have a wealth of experience in large product rebrands and are passionate about creating designs that stand the test of time.

We understand that great design is more than just aesthetics, it’s about creating a lasting impression and driving results. 


UI / UX Design


App design



Brand Activation - Tech Start Up


Henlo Coffee

Website design


GetGo Home Loans

Website design


The Person First

Brand Activation


Red Crown

New business gifting


Endure Paints

New Range Launch


Sea Harvest

Packaging Range Relaunch



Logo Rebrand

04 | Application

Saffron Frameworks

Brand Identity



Kitesurf Brand Relaunch


Bester Burke

Corporate Identity Revamp


Challenge Packaging

Corporate Brochure design

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Over the years,
We've Worked on Projects For

Ceres Fruit Juice
Sea Harvest
Duram Smart Paints
VOX Cinema
Ski Dubai
Majid Al Futtaim Group
Digitall Conversation AI
Saffron Frame Works London
The Person First
Flexifoil International

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Skills Summary

As a Creative Director, I've overseen the creative process and given guidance to designers, client services and clients alike. In this role I've learnt strategic and problem-solving skills, managing people, keeping an eye on the latest design trends, presenting and selling my work internally and externally, fluid communication and organisational expertise.
Throughout my career I've learnt that being open is of fundamental importance. I'm always looking to try new things from different angles. Being open and bold enough to put my work on the line has taught me a great deal. Receiving criticism after putting in a lot of effort is not always easy, but is of vital importance for improving and growing my projects to be better and more effective.
This has been a big part of who I am as a designer, and is almost always inherent to the projects I work on. Thinking ahead using consistent strategic design actively averts future hiccups and keeps things consistent during the design phase of projects and campaigns I apply myself to.
With deadlines flying over left and right, being reliable is something I pride myself in. Clients don't only want talent, they want accountability and to know they can count on you. Managing the clients needs and making them feel they can rely on me, knowing I can problem-solve their issues and deliver strategic vision consistently is a key skill I've developed throughout my career.

Work Experience

2014 - Present
Opposite - UI / UX Design Specialist
Focussing primarily on web and native apps for international clients (specifically well funded tech startups) across a variety of sectors - Finance & Investment, eSchools, Fitness, Social platforms, Market places, and more.
2014 - Present
2014 - 2017
Red Crown | Co Partner / Creative Director
Leading the Creative Team on Strategic Branding & Packaging Design.

Clients: Sea Harvest, Duram, Ceres Fruit Juice, Jawitz.
2014 - 2017
2012 - 2014
6am Media | Founding Partner / Creative Director
Strategic Branding & User Interface Design.

Clients: Flexifoil Kite-surfing International, The Arniston Spa Hotel, RSR Nürburg.
2012 - 2014
2008 - 2012
Freelance Designer
Strategic Branding & Packaging Design.

Clients: Design Alliance (Remington), Flexifoil International Kite-surf Brand.
2008 - 2012
2005 - 2008
Liquid Lab | Mid - Senior Designer
Strategic Packaging & Branding.Managing the Junior Designers.
2005 - 2008